Groundwater Arts


The Problem:

How do we develop a brand identity for an emerging consulting group that showcases the values of the organization and invokes trust between the consultants and potential clients?

The Solution:

Build a visual brand identity that structurally builds off of the Groundwater slogan: Start From the Ground, Give Thanks for the Water, Seed a Just Future.


What is Groundwater?

Groundwater Arts is an emerging collaborative consulting group. They work with theatre organizations and individual artists who want to examine their practices and decolonize their standard operating procedures. Their goal is to help arts institutions and individuals move toward a just and equitable future that responds to the ongoing crisis of climate change by embracing an all-encompassing view of how they move through the world. They call this a "climate justice lens."


Groundwater is structured based on three levels of engagement; this can range from EDI 101 Workshops to long-term season planning and community engagement strategies. In order to communicate these three levels, we created a visual language that expressed this structure, that could then be used across branding materials:


groundwater logo black.png

Using bold sans serif fonts, environmentally-evoking colors, and clean minimalist visuals that repeatedly call back to the three level organizational structure, Groundwater is able to position itself as a serious new player in the arts consulting world. They have presented at the Theater Communications Group Fall Forum on Governance, TCG Conference in Miami, and are working on a set of organizational guidelines to help arts institutions transition to a sustainable model based off the Green New Deal.