Green New Theatre - a case study


The Problem:

How can we encourage arts institutions to respond and adapt to the climate crisis?

The Solution:

Brainstorm shifts in organizational and labor design and curate a publicly accessible set of actionable ideas. Collect these ideas into a working document known as the Green New Theatre.

To change everything, we’ll need everyone

See What’s Happening in the People’s Climate Movement


How do you design for something unprecedented?

The climate crisis is real, and it is already happening. Groundwater Arts wanted to find a way to lay out actionable ideas for theatres and arts institutions to begin to transition to a sustainable, just model now - instead of waiting for climate change to force them.

Our answer was this: Green New Theatre. A set of operational procedures, organizational design suggestions, labor policies, and decolonized leadership practices that, whether taken in whole or in part, will aid theatres in moving their organizations towards a Just Transition.

a public collaboration

In line with Groundwater’s emergent values, this document is a public creation. We had one public working session on June 5th as part of the TCG Lab: Green New Theatre in Miami, Florida. There is another public working session scheduled for June 18th that will be a digital session open to anyone who wants to participate.

A call to action

Even more important than the ideas, is the implementation. At the moment, we are still in the idea-collecting stage for the call to action. Our aim is to create a call to action that positively incentives theatres to adopt our ideas.